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Naturally Curious...

Cynthia Coupé


Speech-Language Pathologist by training
Possibilitarian by nature
I look at the world from the lens of poss-ibility, not dis-ability.

As a Speech language pathologist, I’ve worked with people who have developmental differences for nearly 20 years. From schools to private practice and even hospitals, I’ve continuously focused on a strengths based, social model approach.


My “why” in this lifetime is to be an agent of change for increased acceptance of people with differences.  I work to break down barriers of understanding and acceptance for human diversity so all individuals can live their best lives. 

This next generation is showing us they are ready for a shift.  From gender, to race, to political and educational systems, the world is ready for change.  ​

There are many uncertainties in the world we’re heading into, but one thing we know for sure is neurodivergence is on the rise.  Our greatest opportunities are ahead of us, and we need supporters standing behind us.  That’s you.  We need you to focus on seeing strengths and talking openly about differences.  We need you to know yourself so others have permission to do the same.

Together we can create a world where neurodiversity is considered part of the human continuum and everyone in society is viewed with equal importance.  With this shift the world stands to gain an entire cohort of people who can contribute meaningfully to society through their unique perspectives on inclusion, intelligent design and diversity, to name a few.

My Approach

As a Speech language pathologist, I’ve worked for nearly 20 years with people with developmental differences. In schools, private practice and hospitals, I’ve continuously focused on a strengths based, social model approach. 

Speaking engagements
Speaking Experience

- Speaker at National ESEA conference: For the Greater Good-- Collaboration as a tool to improve language and literacy, 2020

- Lecture presented on Pragmatics and Speech: Montessori del Mar 2019

- Presenter on Language and Literacy: HomeSchool Conference 2018

- MCDH Wellness Series, Co-Presenter: How Speech Therapy Can Help, MCDH 2010

- Colorado Metro Speech-Language Symposium, Co-presenter: Just Talk, Functional Communication in a Group Setting Using AAC, 2005

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Female Lead for 4 plays at Mendocino Theatre Company, 2007-2015 (including:
2007: 1959 Pink Thunderbird, 2009: In the Next Room (The Vibrator Play), 2012: Same Time Next Year 2015: Mauritius).

My Podcast

As a parent and Speech Language Pathologist my superpower is thinking outside the box and approaching systems from a different direction. Through years of conversations with peers, fellow educators, students and parents this podcast was born.  I hope to share some insight and ideas into the world of parenting, advocacy and beyond.

Free 30 minute consultation

Are you looking for an advocate? Do you need help getting your team on the same page?  Perhaps you could use some support navigating the world of special education?  If so, click on the link below to set up a free 30 minute consultation.

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